Cat Mugs and More: Critter Crafting Update

Please Note: I have updated my shop and platform. For the most recent listings, please visit Critter Crafting.

Critter Crafting Shop Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the latest crochet listings in my shop, Critter Crafting. While I’ve still been working on crochet Cat Mats and coasters, I’ve also been working on adding some great new pieces to the shop, including some super cute cat mugs and feline-inspired stickers! I’ve designed the artwork for the pieces and am super excited to share it with you all!

Cat Mugs and More: Critter Crafting Update -- mugs and stickers available at, photo by Christine Csencsitz

Cat Mugs and More

I’m starting out with mostly cat-themed mugs, but am planning on branching out with some other themes — honestly, I’m pretty excited about making some more coffee-inspired mugs, like this one. Each of the mugs in my shop are available in two sizes — 11 fl oz or 15 fl oz — for $12 and $17, respectively. They are ceramic and made to be dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cats > People Mugs

I don’t know about you, but before I have my coffee in the morning, I’m not really fit to interact with other people much. Inspired by this sentiment, I created the Cats > People mugs. Right now, these are the focus of my cat mug line, but I so have a super cute Proud Cat Lady option available, too!

Currently, I have two color schemes available for the Cats > People mugs — one is a deep navy with cream lettering while the other features a fresh, olive green with deep navy lettering. The mugs pictured here are the 11 fl oz size, for reference. The artwork is printed on both sides of the mug.

Cat People Stickers

Continuing with the Cats > People theme, I have two styles of sticker available in my shop, as well. I’m partial to the petal pink option, but am super happy with how the deep navy sticker turned out as well.

Cat Mugs and More: Critter Crafting Update -- mugs and stickers available at, photo by Christine Csencsitz

The stickers feel really durable. They’re printed on high opacity adhesive vinyl, making them great for regular use, as well as for covering other stickers or paint. The high-quality vinyl ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers, too. They be used both indoors and outdoors! I do recommend cleaning the surface of wherever you plan to place them before applying the sticker.

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