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Podcasts for Long Car Rides

Since I got into podcasts, I’ve realized that I prefer lengthy episodes. Really, the longer the better in my opinion — both for whether you’re just working out, running errands, or traveling. Check out some recommendations of podcasts for long car rides here!

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Coffee Table Books to Brighten Your Living Room

While I may not be the best at keeping my coffee table clean and clutter free, I do love how it looks with just a few pretty coffee table books on it. I’ve collected a number of true coffee table books over the years, some of which are still in storage. In writing this post, I realized the ones I keep out now are centered on a few primary themes — feminism, cats, and Outlander. If that’s not me in a nutshell, I don’t know what is. See what coffee table books I use to brighten my living room here!

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