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Books to Read if You Like History: Best Fiction Books for History Lovers

Are you a history lover? Explore my list of best fiction books for history lovers, featuring recommendations set in the Middle Ages all the way up to the early 20th century.

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Lucy Worsley’s Royal Myths and Secrets

Lucy Worsley, British historian, author, curator, and television presenter, has a great new series for history lovers. In a series of hour-long episodes, Royal Myths and Secrets dispels historical exaggerations, manipulation, and mythology across the Continent. Learn more about this series and read up on my favorite episodes here!

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Great Free Audiobooks from the Audible Plus Catalog

I’m a big fan of Audible, and have been a member on-and-off for a few years at this point. The Audible Plus Catalog is a newer benefit to the monthly membership, featuring a ton of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible originals that you can listen to on top of your monthly credits. There are tons of great options in there, particularly in the history and non-fiction genre. Explore the best free history, non-fiction, and classic literature content from Audible Plus!

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My Current Loves: 22nd Edition

Welcome back to the Cats & Coffee My Current Loves series. This edition features four things that stand out in the last month for me: a Tudor historical miniseries with Lucy Worsley, my new favorite Trader Joe’s treats, my new favorite lavender earl gray tea, and a handy new kitchen find!

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What to Watch, Read, and Try Out for the End of the Year

This end of the year has gone, like most things this year, not quite as planned. My one week off from Cats & Coffee became more like two-ish, but I wanted to pop in to share some end of the year entertainment ideas. So, now that there’s a few days yet till the New Year, I thought I would pull together some things you might enjoy during this downtime. Explore some great reads, shows, and apps that have been keeping me entertained during the holiday downtime here!

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