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Honest Thoughts on the Duolingo App: Learning Scottish Gaelic in a Few Minutes a Day

Duolingo is an app designed to help users learn a new language through “quick, bite-sized lessons.” With over thirty-five languages on the platform, the Duolingo App has pulled in millions of users worldwide. Claiming to be the “best way to learn a language,” Duolingo makes language-learning into a game. I started the Duolingo Scottish Gaelic course in July. Read my honest review of the language learning platform here!

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What to Watch, Read, and Try Out for the End of the Year

This end of the year has gone, like most things this year, not quite as planned. My one week off from Cats & Coffee became more like two-ish, but I wanted to pop in to share some end of the year entertainment ideas. So, now that there’s a few days yet till the New Year, I thought I would pull together some things you might enjoy during this downtime. Explore some great reads, shows, and apps that have been keeping me entertained during the holiday downtime here!

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