Uproot Clean Pet Hair Remover Review

The Uproot Clean Pet Hair & Lint Removal Tools

When I saw the Uproot Clean pet hair cleaning system online, I knew I needed to try it out in my house. I might have short haired cats, but wow do they manage to shed just about everywhere! Uproot Clean was kind enough to send me their Uproot Cleaner Bundle to try out, which includes the Pro, Mini & Max. And, let me tell you, the tools did not disappoint. 

Uproot Clean Pet Hair Remover Review

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Uproot Cleaner Bundle Review

The Uproot Cleaner Bundle is everything my fellow pet parents need all in one. Containing the Uproot Cleaner Pro, the Mini, and the Max, this bundle has three of the brand’s most popular products all for about $50. 

The Uproot Cleaner Max

The biggest of the bundle, the Uproot Cleaner Max is ideal for carpets, stairs, furniture, bedding, and other larger spaces. I find this has worked well for us as a first-round cleaner on our couches, before I go in with one of the smaller tools to really finish it up (assuming Emory doesn’t beat me to the couch in between steps!). 

The Uproot Cleaner Pro

The mid-sized tool from this bundle, the Uproot Cleaner Pro is like the Max but about half the size. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces, like cat towers, cars, throw pillows, and the like. If you only bought one product from Uproot Clean, I would recommend going with the Pro. It’s a bit of a one-size-fits-all tool and you can use it pretty much anywhere you’d use the Max or Mini with some adjustment.

The Uproot Cleaner Mini

As the name implies, the Uproot Cleaner Mini is the smallest of the bundle, a mere credit-card sized tool designed for cleaning on-the-go. Designed for clothing, bags, and other such items, the Mini is a bit like a heavier duty lint roller. I like to use it on the corners of our couches, though, along tough-to-reach seams. 

Thoughts on the Uproot Cleaner Bundle System

On their website, Uproot Cleaner notes that “you’ll be amazed at just how much hair your vacuum misses.” And they are spot on in that assumption. 

I have a Dyson vacuum that I love (if only I could go back and tell 15 year old me that I’d have such strong feelings about a vacuum…) The vacuum makes a world of difference. However, as any pet owner will know, short cat hairs can really get stuck in the weave of fabrics. The Uproot Cleaner tools help the most with those deeply-stuck hairs, I think. 

So the combination of these tools plus following it up with the vacuum are the perfect recipe for our cat hair woes! 

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*Thank you to Uproot Clean for gifting me their three-tool bundle. Opinions expressed in this post are my honest thoughts.

*This post was originally published on June 26, 2022. It was most recently updated on June 30, 2022.

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