10 Great BIPOC Content Creators & Influencers to Follow

Creating Inclusive Instagram Feeds 

In light of the current social and political climate, many of us are looking for ways to incorporate change and equality in our daily lives. While there are many action items for supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, one small change I have implemented myself is to actively create a more inclusive Instagram feed by following more BIPOC content creators and influencers. 

As I mentioned in my post on resources for allies of the Black Lives Matter cause, I have certainly fallen into the pattern of primarily following people who look like me. This change may seem small and insignificant, and perhaps it is in light of the ways we can practice inclusivity and fight for equality through the political process. However, I think it’s at least a step in the right direction. 

In the past days, I’m sure you’ve seen many posts linking to Black content creators, writers, artists, and leaders in various communities. It has been a joy to expand my feed, giving me a glimpse into passionate creatives I had been missing out on. I’ll link to a few of the posts sharing BIPOC content creators and leaders to follow, but I wanted to share ten accounts that I have particularly enjoyed getting to know in the past few days.

Are you looking to expand who you follow on Instagram to create a more inclusive feed? Check out 10 BIPOC content creators that I think you'll love here!

10 BIPOC Content Creators and Influencers to Follow

Courtney Quinn Color Queen – @colormecourtney

Courtney Quinn is the color queen. She creates some of the most stunning monochrome inspired images. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll see she primarily focuses on one color at a time. And as if managing one cohesive instagram wasn’t enough, Courtney runs a secondary account, @colormemagic, devoted to her “nerdy side” and Disney style. I just came across her recent posts about Harry Potter, for example, and not only are the styles she recreates totally magical, but her captions are insightful and educational.

Follow Courtney on Instagram here.

Leah Thomas, Green Girl Leah – @greengirlleah

Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmentalism activist based in California. Besides producing beautiful photos, Leah provides tips and resources on reducing waste, sustainable fashion, and inclusivity, among other related topics. She has shared a piece she’s written through her Instagram link in bio about intersectional environmentalism which is fascinating. Click here for Leah Thomas’ must read article.

Follow Leah on Instagram here.

Alyson Morgan, Earth Star Herbals – @alysonsimplygrows

Alyson Morgan’s rich, verdant photography was what first struck me when I came across her profile. She is an herbalist and runs Earth Star Herbals. She champions a slow living lifestyle, rooted in healing with the land. Besides her beautiful photography, Alyson highlights important topics in her captions. She also runs a lifestyle blog, Maia Terra, on living with the earth through her website.

Follow Alyson on Instagram here.

Amina Marie – @aminamarie

Amina Marie is “your internet curlfriend.” The LA based content creator focuses on natural hair, beauty, skincare, and wellness. She runs a Transitioning to Natural support group for individuals learning how to love and embrace their naturally textured hair. Her YouTube is full of hair care tutorials, beauty and makeup reviews, and self care tips. Amina’s cohesive grid on Instagram features a variety of lifestyle photos, with some highlighting natural hair, others focusing on outfits, and more.

Follow Amina on Instagram here.

Victoria Ford, PrepFord Wife – @prepfordwife

Victoria Ford is a lifestyle blogger based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her blog shares her “life as a black prep.” She creates beautiful, colorful photography that highlights the seasons. If you scroll to her holiday photos, I’m sure they’ll make you’ll want to jump back into Christmas time mode, too. On her blog, she shares a wide variety of content, including recipes, product reviews, style finds, and home renovation experiences.

Follow Victoria on Instagram here.

Morgan Harper Nichols – @morganharpernichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist, podcaster, and content creator, offering “daily reminders through art, inspired by real stories.” Between beautiful words and beautiful imagery, Morgan’s blog posts certainly compel readers to feel and to understand. She shares many of the images and content from these blog posts on Instagram, making for a unique mixed-media style grid that I think you’re love. Many of her pieces are available for sale here, as well.

Follow Morgan on Instagram here.

Indy Srinath – @indyofficinalis

Indy Srinath is a proponent of intersectional environmentalism, and she shares her experiences with food, foraging, and slow, intentional living. She produces colorful flatly images of foraged fungi and flowers, as well as beautiful shots from her time in nature. Another thing I find compelling and inspiring in Indy is her devotion to establishing boundaries in her life, particularly on Instagram. For example, in this post she discusses how she uses Instagram and describes her latergram posts. It’s an inspirational message for any of us seeking to establish boundaries, and something I took to heart.

Follow Indy on Instagram here.

Jenné Claiborne, Sweet Potato Soul – @sweetpotatosoul

Jenné Claiborne is a vegan chef, blogger, author, and YouTuber. She shares recipes and succulent food photography on her Instagram, as well as discussions about sustainability, living well, and more. For example, she provides tips on making produce last longer, which is key for saving money and reducing waste. Plus, if you ever thought vegan cooking was boring or bland, Jenné’s Instagram will blow that myth out of the water for you. I mean, just look at this cauliflower crust pizza.

Follow Jenné on Instagram here.

Arielle Loren, Funding Expert for Women – @arielleloren

Arielle Loren is a business strategist who focuses on helping women fund their businesses through 100K Incubator, the first business funding mobile app for women. Highly educated, Arielle is a Harvard graduate and holds a graduate certificate in International Business Management from Georgetown University. She uses her experience and business acumen to support female entrepreneurs, both through the 100K Incubator, as well as through consultations and writing.

Follow Arielle on instagram here.

Nova Reid – @novareidofficial

Nova Reid is an anti-racism writer and speaker who provides a thoughtful and methodical approach towards dismantling inherent and learned racism. She seeks to help people unlearn racism through tools and knowledge that allows those interested to address racism in themselves and others. If you want a taste of her work, I recommend checking out this episode of Hashtag Authentic, where she spoke with Sara Tasker about her work and world view. Click here to watch Nova Reid’s Ted Talk.

Follow Nova on Instagram here.

Compilations of More BIPOC Content Creators to Follow

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