Cat Mom Life: The Best Cat Treats

Cat Treats are Very Important

If you were to ask any of my cats what the most important meal of the day, I bet they’d say snacks. As I write this, Louis is on my lap, periodically nibbling my elbow in what I can only assume is a desperate cry for snacks. I actually don’t give my cats very many cat treats, but they usually get some kind once or twice a day. I try to stick with healthier options, or at least options that I can give them more of at once than a typical treat.

Favorite Cat Treats

INABA Churu Lickable Purée Natural Cat Treats

As much as the cats love Temptations, I try to stick with treats from the pet food brands I know and trust. Where I stray from this goal is with the INABA Churu treats. I don’t really know what these things are made of, but I call them cat crack because Louis and Olivia go mad for them. Emory isn’t a huge fan, which is strange compared to the absolute intensity with which Louis and Olivia love them. I guess it’s all or nothing with these puree treats.

I usually split a tube between Louis and Olivia — sometimes one each if they’re being especially needy. These treats are awesome for giving cats medication, as well. If any of the cats need a pill, it is easy enough to crush up the pill with a little mortar and pestle and sprinkle it in with the puree on a little plate. It’s even useful for giving Emory a pill, and she doesn’t really care for the treat; if you mix the crushed pill in the puree, its (relatively) easy to swipe it over her tongue.

Regardless of for giving pills, I love getting these treats for the cats because of how funny they are when they see I pulled a tube out. If I ever can’t find Louis, I pull one out and flip it back and forth a bit and he comes running. Very handy to have on hand!

There are a number of variety packs available on Amazon. I tend to get this variety pack option.

Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

While the INABA purees are Louis and Olivia’s favorites, the Orijen Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are a very close second. Plus, Emory likes these treats, too! Orijen is a great company, along the lines of Petcurean (one of my favorites for kibble) with a lot of emphasis on natural and healthy recipes for our pets.

I love getting the freeze-dried treats for the cats because they actually smell like what the package says they are. That is to say, the fish treats actually smell like fish — Louis’ favorites. Though I’m relying on observational evidence, the treats appear to be flavorful and tasty — enough so that Louis will shove the girls out of the way to get to more snacks — and are easy on their stomachs. Plus, they’re a great size for chase the treat, one of our favorite games!

I’ve been able to find it most often in smaller, specialty pet stores, but I usually order these treats online from Amazon.

Acana or Orijen Cat Kibbles

As I alluded to above, Louis can be a bit of a treat hog. He is not afraid to push the girls out of the way to swipe more snacks for himself. This is one of the reasons I like to use high protein kibble as a cat treat — I don’t feel as uneasy about giving the cats a larger portion of it as opposed to a whole handful of treats each.

Originally, this idea came to mind not because of Louis’ forcefulness, but, rather, as a toy to keep him busy while I was out of the house. I’d hide high protein kibble under Cat Mats, in interactive toys, or on windowsill ledges for him to find. It’s a quick and easy way to keep kitties (and cats — I still do this) from being too bored while you’re gone.

I like buying Acana or Orijen brand kibbles for this purpose, first, because they’re good quality, high protein kibbles that the cats like and, second, because they come in smaller bags. At my favorite pet stores in Gainesville, I realized you could buy sample sized bags, which were my favorite options for this. Amazon seems to carry the sample size bags — 12 ounces — for all the Acana dry food flavors and most of the Orijen cat kibbles.

Cat Mom Life - the Best cat Treats by Christine Csencsitz, featuring Louis of @kinglouisthexvii

PureBites Freeze Dried Treats

I bought the PureBites Salmon Freeze-Dried Treats for the cats on a whim when we were at PetSmart once and they became instant favorites. Since then, we’ve tried a few flavors, but the salmon are definitely the favorites. The second favorite is the chicken breast and lamb recipe. There are a ton of flavor options, though, including some catnip infused recipes that the kitties need to try! These treats are super affordable and easy to find — they’re available on both Amazon and Chewy!

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