Great Gifts for Animal People: Accessories, Pet Toys, Home Decor, & More

Great Gift Ideas for Animal People

I love buying presents for the animal people in my life. It’s fun to try to find cute little trinkets and pieces that highlight our love of furry friends. For this gift guide, the first of the season, I’ve gathered a bunch of great gifts for animal people. From home decor to cute themed socks, pet toys to jewelry, there’s a little something for all the animal people in your life here. The best part? Everything in this guide is under $100!

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Thoughtful Gifts for Animal People

If you’re looking for a simple but thoughtful gift idea, you really can’t go wrong with a nice framed photo of a loved one’s beloved pet. Whether they keep it at home or on their desk at work, a framed photo is a simple and elegant way to memorialize the special bond your loved one has with their furbaby.

Pair a cute framed photo with an adorable themed mug and you’re good to go! Target has great decorative mug options, and I’m loving this Dog Mom mug (there’s a Cat Mom design here).

Top Row: Dog Mom Mug | Bone Themed Frame | Felted Cat Cave Bed | Spring Toys for Cats
Bottom Row: Cat Person Mug | Cat Themed Frame | Yin Yang Cat Phone Case | Crochet Cat Mat Blankets

You can’t go wrong with a gift for your loved one’s furbaby, either. For cat parents, I recommend these fun spring toys (it’s entertainment for everyone!) or something to keep their cat cozy, like these fuzzy beds or my Critter Crafting Cat Mats!

Note: for the spring toys, I recommend the “wide” sized ones (tagged above) rather than the skinny ones. I’ve had both, and while both were hits, Olivia kept snapping the skinny ones. She’s never been able to snap the wide sized springs, though!

Fun Pet-Themed Surprises

An easy way to support sustainability this holiday season is by gifting pet-themed reusable shopping bags. You could even use a cute animal-inspired tote as the gift bag and fill it with fun little surprises, like some cute cat socks and stickers, along with favorite candy or treats. Throw in some cute animal-inspired accessories and it’s sure to be a hit.

Top Row: Reusable Bag | Meow Sticker | Blue Cat Socks | Cat Slippers (Dog motif also available)
Bottom Row: Pink Cat Socks | Dog Pompom Beanie | Dog Makeup Bag | Pink Dog Socks

Home Decor & More

Animal people often like to accent their living spaces with little pet-themed pieces. Whether they’re looking for minimalist wall art or figurines for on a bookshelf, there are so many options if you want to go this rout for holiday gifting.

Top Row: Dog Mom Shirt | Paw Stickers | Geometric Cat Art | Dog Ear Treat Jar
Bottom Row: Yoga Dog Tea Towel | Strange Planet Cat Shirt | Black Cat Figurines | Hand-painted Cat Magnets

Whether your loved one is a cat person or a dog person — or both! — they are sure to love some adorable pet-inspired home decor or trinkets. I can hardly count the number of cat figurines I have around my apartment. I’ve bought a few myself, but many are gifts that always make me smile when I see them.

There are so many great options on Etsy, like themed tea towels, hand-painted magnets, toe-bean stickers, and feline figurines. Of course, I’m always a fan of a good graphic tee, too.

Top Row: Coffee Dog Toy | Floral Cat Silhouette | Cat Pin | Cat Sign
Bottom Row: Feline Cluster Puzzle | Lick Croix Dog Toy | Cat Mug | Cat Earrings

Of course, a gift for a friend’s pet is basically a gift for the friend. Because of this logic, I included a couple adorable dog toys modeled after two of my favorite beverages: coffee and La Croix! For a plush toy, they’re kind of expensive at around $15 each, but they’re so cute and are sure to make any dog owner smile. I think they’re definitely worth the price as a gift.

Beyond the cute plush dog toys, you could always pick up one of my crochet Cat Mats for any cat people on your list, or for those with smaller dogs! Cat Mats make great gifts, and they come pre-nipped with my cats’ favorite catnip spray! Here are three of my favorite Cat Mats currently available in my Critter Crafting shop:

Blue, Purple, & Yellow Cat Mat | Rosy Pink Multicolor Cat Mat | Cosmos Purple Cat Mat

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