My Fiverr Gigs: Resume Review and College Admissions Essay Editing Advice

Professional Editing Advice

I am, by my nature, a creative person. I’ve always liked words and writing, whether it was creatively on my own or more academically minded in school. College really opened my eyes to actual academic writing — writing beyond that of a high school AP English Lit and the like — and honed my drafting and editing skills. Law school taught me precision. If I thought editing was important in high school and college, it was nothing compared to the editing necessary with legal writing. With this background, I am eager to use my skills to help others, and that’s why I turned to Fiverr. My Fiverr gigs center around editing, primarily focusing on resumes and law school admissions essays so far.

Option 1: I will review your resume for content, readability, and format

Looking for a second pair of eyes for your Resume or Cover Letter? I am available to help review current drafts of these documents and offer useful critiques and suggestions for layout, style, and the like. Whether you are looking to polish a current version you already use, or you’re hoping to revamp your style entirely, I am here to lend a second set of eyes and years of drafting expertise to get your Resume and Cover Letter to where you want them.

Option 2: I will edit and proofread your college or law school admissions essays

College admissions essays and personal statements can be tedious work. I’m here to offer a second set of eyes to review your work. Using my academic and English literature background, I will review your essay for readability, typos, and grammar errors. 

In the basic package, I will review your essay for readability, typos, and grammar errors. I will make edit suggestions to you if I see any areas that could easily be improved.

For the standard package, I will review your essay for readability, typos, and grammar errors. I will re-work one (1) version of your admissions essay for flow and make edits that may include, but are not limited to, rearranging paragraphs or sentences, suggesting additional language, and cutting unnecessary information. Where relevant, I will explain why I changed wording/layout/etc. 

The premium package is the same as the standard package, but I will revise TWO versions (IE: for two different schools or two different types of programs) of your admissions essay, instead of just one. 

Interested in having something else edited?

Just message me and we can work something out.

More On My Qualifications

With a legal and liberal arts background, I am a strong writer in both traditional literary and history genres as well as more technical writing required in law and business. My undergrad work focused on female political representation, for which I wrote a thesis and was awarded highest honors from my university’s Political Science department. I also wrote extensively in literature and history classes. In law school, I crafted my legal writing and drafting abilities. My skills include: essay and general citation review, and resume and cover letters review and critiques.

Reviews for My Resume Review and Admissions Essay Editing Advice

However, don’t just take my word for it, though. Check out some of the five-star reviews for my editing work that I’ve received so far!

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