Current Loves: 9th Edition

Welcome back to the Cats & Coffee My Current Loves series. Let’s dive right in:

Antoni in the Kitchen

I’m a relative newcomer to the Queer Eye fandom, but once I gave the show a shot, it quickly became a new favorite of mine. As such, when Antoni Porowski released his cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, I knew I wanted it. I was so excited to get it as a gift from my mom, and immediately began pouring over the pages. Beyond the amazing recipes, the book features stories and snippets throughout, including some great pictures and insights from the Queer Eye food expert. Many of the recipes are dressed-up versions of classic dishes, which I love. So far, we’ve made the mac and cheese with fresh herbs and peas — super highly recommend — and the grilled cheeses. I have my sights set on a few other entree recipes, and know I’ll actually make them because the instructions are so simple and easy to follow. Whether you are adventurous in the kitchen or not, Antoni’s cookbook has something for you!

Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster 

Recently, I picked up the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum to try out. This product promises to “support natural collagen production, brighten, and minimize fine lines.” Promising, right? Beyond that, this serum works to defend against “environmental aggressors and free radical damage, leaving skin healthy and protected.” This citrus-scented serum is a nice, thick texture, and a good addition to my nightly skincare regime. I wish it spread a bit more easily, but I’ve found three pumps of the serum covers my face pretty well. So far, I’m really liking it. Check this product out on Amazon here!

Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum Collagen Booster -- photo by Christine Csencsitz, for My Current Loves

Rakuten’s Cash Back Program

I mentioned Rakuten’s Cash Back Program a few posts back, but wanted to bring it up again because it’s really an awesome cash-back platform. Basically, you can get cash back on purchases you make online by clicking through their platform. The percentage you get back varies from store-to-store, but a lot of them are really great deals. For example, while I write this, Macy’s is offering 8% cash back through Rakuten and Sephora is offering 4% cash back. It’s super easy to use — all you have to do is make a profile, click through whatever store you’re planning to shop, and go about your business. Rakuten will either send out checks with your cash back funds periodically or send you the cash back via PayPal, depending on what option you choose. Super easy. If you’re interested in trying Rakuten out, click here and you’ll get $10 after you make your first purchase through the platform.

The Politician

I’m suddenly obsessed with this recent release from Netflix. In short, The Politician is a colorful comedic-drama about growing up in a competitive atmosphere. It is set against the backdrop of a wealthy California prep school, where the main character, Payton, is running for student body president. He views this particular race as pivotal in his own greater story — he aspires to the U.S. presidency, and his confidence is (seemingly) unshakable. Overall, what I found most noteworthy about the show was that it doesn’t shy away from tough issues like teenage sexuality, mental health, and familial abuse. In fact, it addresses these issues in a sort-of-not-really satirical, tongue-in-cheek way. I found that the show made me laugh, made me pause to think things over, and even cry at times. If you’re looking for a clever, honest show that is as colorful and funny as it is thought provoking, I heartily recommend The Politician.

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