Cat Mom Life: My Favorite Glucosamine Products for Cats

Why I Give My Cats Glucosamine

A few years back, my veterinarian suggested I give Louis glucosamine because of an injury he sustained as a kitten. The idea was to use glucosamine as a preventative treatment and to support joint health. At about a month old, Louis had broken his back leg and almost had the leg amputated. Luckily, it healed on its own and he’s been fine since then. However, it has always been unclear how the injury would impact him as he got older. So far, we haven’t had any issues — I’m sure he doesn’t even remember it — but I still like the idea of giving him (and Olivia and Emory) the supplement to promote joint health, regardless.

I have two favorite glucosamine products for cats. One is a liquid and one is a powder. Both are easy to mix in with the cats’ wet food, which is really handy.

My Favorite Glucosamine Products for Cats

Nutramax Cosequin Capsules Joint Health Cat Supplement

The first glucosamine product I tried with the cats were the Nutramax Cosequin Capsules. These capsules are really easy to mix into wet food, as I mentioned, so I simply empty one capsule into each cat’s wet food once a day. This brand is widely recommended by vets, apparently, and was what was recommended to me originally. Nutramax states that the supplement is intended to benefit “cartilage production and [protect] existing cartilage from breakdown.” Furthermore, per the product description on Chewy, Cosequin “helps support and maintain the health of your cat’s joints and cartilage and can also help support urinary bladder health.”

Nutramax Cosequin Capsules Joint Health Cat Supplement

Nutramax Cosequin Capsules are pretty affordable and widely available. You can pick them up at Amazon and Chewy quite easily, no prescription required. Both retailer sells bottles of 80 sprinkle capsules for around $18. I’ve purchased them through Amazon before, but lately have been getting them through Chewy with one of my autoship orders. Because of the discount Chewy offers with most autoship orders, the bottle of 80 capsules typically costs closer to $16.

Scruffy Paws Hip n’ Joint Vitalize

Earlier this year, Scruffy Paws sent us a bottle of their own glucosamine supplement — Hip ‘n Joint Vitalize — to try. This glucosamine supplement is a flavored liquid, meant to be administered with a dropper. My cats are not super cooperative, though, so I decided to just mix it in with their wet food, which has worked well.

Scruffy Paws’ glucosamine supplement is a bit more expensive at $28.97, but comes with the added benefit of being flavored, which I do think the cats have enjoyed. According to the brand website, the “Hip & Joint Vitalize Drops expertly combine 5 of the most effective, scientifically backed joint support ingredients into 1” to help support joint health. Scruffy Paws’ formula is made in the U.S. from human grade ingredients, too!

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*Both of these products were originally gifted to us by Chewy and Scruffy Paws. I have since purchased the Nutramax supplement from Chewy and Amazon multiple times and plan to buy the Scruffy Paws supplement.