Spring Outfit Styles: Casual Pieces, Sundresses, & More

Spring Outfit Inspiration for the New Season

I haven’t shopped a whole lot this past year; far less than usual, anyway. There isn’t really a reason to shop a whole lot when you’re inside most days. For me, this has been generally compounded with efforts to save money, which has had various levels of success. However, as summer approaches and the prospect of social distancing lightening as the vaccine roll out becomes more of a reality, I have found myself window shopping online for spring outfit inspiration more and more.

Wearing my favorite Hill House Nap Dress (Ellie style) at Hyperion Brewery in Jacksonville with my dear friend, Lauren. Check out her amazing art here!

Last week, I shared some Madewell favorites. Since then, I’ve found a bunch of other spring outfit pieces I’m coveting, so I decided to do a second post on spring outfit inspiration. This post features mostly J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom finds, including AllSaints and Reformation. Here are the pieces calling my name:

Casual Tees and Shorts for Spring

Besides nap dresses, casual tees and shorts are pretty much the only styles I’ve been buying since, well, 2019. Maybe it’s because I live in Florida, but I really do live in shorts and t-shirts (and polarized sunglasses!). Unfortunately, a lot of my favorite jean shorts are wearing out; some have lasted me since undergrad! So, I’ve been investing in some new pairs. Similarly, my tried-and-true t-shirts — the ones I wear monthly, if not weekly — are starting to look a little worn. J.Crew is a favorite of mine for both shorts graphic tees, but AllSaints also has some fantastic options (and great sales lately).

Spring Style Tops & Separates

These tops and separates are ideal for spring and summer. They can be dressed up or down — my favorite feature of a great piece. Worn with jean shorts, most of these pieces could be daily wear; pick a dressier bottom, and add a nice bag (I recommend this convertible bag from AllSaints), and you can wear them out to dinner.

Sundresses for Spring & Summer

Last but not least…dresses! Spring outfit inspiration cannot be complete without some great sundresses. Wear these throughout the season and into summer, and you’ll feel super cute and put together. There’s something so nice about a one-and-done piece like these, so your spring outfit can be simple and seasonal without taking any time to plan.