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Cat Mom Life: Solid Gold SeaMeal Squeeze

This past month, Solid Gold sent me two packs of their new SeaMeal product, SeaMeal Squeeze, for the cats to try in exchange for my opinion on the product. I was so excited to have my cats try the new product because they’ve always done so well with the regular SeaMeal products from Solid Gold. I wasn’t quite sure what the Solid Gold SeaMeal Squeeze product would look like, but was thrilled to see it is super similar in style to some of my cats’ favorite treats. The kitties have tested the product out and I’m thrilled to say that it’s been a hit! Read the full product review here.

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Solid Nutrition with Solid Gold Cat Food

Any cat owner will tell you, cats can be pretty picky. While I’ve been pretty lucky in this regard with my cats, there is a difference between foods they like, and foods they love. Solid Gold has regularly been in the love category. Solid Gold sent us some awesome cat foods to try, including three completely new flavors that they’ve never had before. Read about what the cats thought of the recipes and why I love feeding them Solid Gold cat food here!

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