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Solid Gold Cat Food

Any cat owner will tell you, cats can be pretty picky. While I’ve been pretty lucky in this regard — Louis likes all cat food, and Olivia and Emory like most — there is a difference between foods they like, and foods they love. Solid Gold has regularly been in the love category. My cats have been fans of Solid Gold cat food for some time now. I love that the company focuses on holistic food designed to keep cat health balanced and optimal. Whether it’s their wet food or the supplements, I’ve been regularly impressed by the quality of the product.

As you can see, Olivia was impatient to try the new goodies Solid Gold sent us!

Favorite Finds from Solid Gold

Old and New Wet Food Favorites

Previously, the cats tried the Five Oceans line as part of the Chewy Influencer program — the Mackerel and Tuna recipe was their favorite! I was actually kind of surprised that these foods were as big of a hit as they were, since the cats tends to favor pate styles. This particular line honestly looks like a fish stew you might find at a coastal restaurant. I felt really confident serving these to the kitties because it was clear they were full of real, good food.

Pictured: Wholesome Selects Turkey & Pumpkin Recipe in Gravy
Flavorful Feast Salmon & Beef Recipe in Gravy
Flavorful Feast Tuna & Sardine Recipe in Gravy

Solid Gold sent us some awesome cat foods to try, including three completely new flavors that they’ve never had before. The kitties have had and loved the Wholesome Selects Turkey and Pumpkin Recipe in Gravy; I featured it in my Catty Thanksgiving post here. This flavor was a hit with all three cats, but especially with Emory! I guess she really loves turkey!

Before this, the cats hadn’t tried the Salmon and Beef or Tuna and Sardine Flavorful Feast varieties. Louis literally picked the Salmon and Beef flavor, as you can see, so we tried that first. I was excited to see what they thought of the Salmon and Beef flavor, since Louis and Olivia really love salmon.

The Salmon and Beef was an immediate hit. Both Louis and Olivia devoured the spoonfuls I gave them. Olivia didn’t even wait for me to put the plate in front of her to start eating. Louis finished his plate then went after the can itself!

After this, I opened the Triple Layer wet food with Turkey and Pumpkin. The kitties had tried a different flavor of this wet food a while back, but had never had this particular recipe. I expected Louis and Olivia to enjoy this one, since they liked the Turkey and Pumpkin Wholesome Selects recipe.

Overall, I think the kitties preferred the canned foods to the Triple Layer. However, they ate the pate layer off of the Triple Layer. I mixed the rest of the food — the mousse and shreds layers — in with some of the canned pate later on for their dinner and they enjoyed that.

Supplements for Kitties

Solid Gold’s supplements really stand out to me as a cat mom. I’m not a vet or anything; I just want what’s best for my cats. The Solid Gold supplements contain easy-to-understand and recognizable ingredients and deal with a broad range of health issues, which is great. They’re made with whole fruits and vegetables — superfoods! — chosen to work alongside probiotics to bolster gut microflora. Really, they seem a bit like multivitamins for cats! Originally, I bought the Berry Balance Supplement Powder to try with Olivia, since she’s been prone to urinary tract health issues.

Later, we tried the SeaMeal Digestive & Immune Health Supplement, which has been great for all three cats. Ever since we took part in the SeaMeal challenge, I’ve been using this in the cats’ food regularly. The smaller jar lasted a long time, and I only recently bought the larger container from Amazon for under $25. I think the large jar will definitely last for quite some time. Thanks to the omega fatty acids and other goodness, I’ve noticed that Olivia and Emory’s dander has really cleared up since we started incorporating SeaMeal into their diets.

Solid Gold Roundup

Whether you’re looking for wet food, kibble, supplements, treats, or some combination of all of these, Solid Gold has something for everyone. And that includes the pups — my god-dog Hazel loves her Solid Gold kibble!

Besides the health-centered recipes, one of my favorite things about Solid Gold cat food is the variety of flavors. Some cats are pretty picky — they like fish or they don’t, they like chicken or they don’t, and so on — and Solid Gold really has a recipe for all appetites.

If you’re looking for a super easy way to bolster your cat’s nutrition, I definitely recommend checking out the Solid Gold SeaMeal. Like I said before, this is a really affordable product that has produced noticeable benefits in my cats. It’s quite easy to incorporate into wet food and the cats seem to enjoy the flavor.

Interested in trying Solid Gold cat food out for your fur baby?

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