Why I Love Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats

Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats

I love cute shoes, and as a petite woman, I love the look of a high heel for dressier events. However, like most — all — women, I have been betrayed by many a cute pair of heels. Whether it’s blisters or achy feet, wearing heels for a long night can end up horribly. For a humorous explanation, I highly recommend this Try Guys video where they spent an evening in heels. While it’s true that not all heels are out to eat your feet up, it really sucks to be stuck in a bad shoe situation. Want to know a game-changer, though? Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats. Whether you wear these ballet flats as your shoe for the whole evening, or, instead, bring a pair with you to change into, Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats are the perfect accessory for work, a night out, or — timely enough — holiday parties.

Why I Love Sam Edelman's Felicia Ballet Flats -- photo by Christine Csencsitz

Why I Love the Felicia Ballet Flat

The Color Options are Amazing

I’m a big fan of finding one piece of clothing that works for me and buying it in pretty much every color possible. Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats are no exception to this trend. These flats come in a wide range of colors and patterns, many of which change season-by-season, all while maintaining a simple and elegant design.

Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats can be understated, particularly in the neutral colors, or bright, depending on what look you’re going for. You can make them into a statement piece with a wilder pattern, or use them as your daily work shoe with ease.

Why I Love Sam Edelman's Felicia Ballet Flats -- showing Black Leather - Classic Nude Leather - Bright White Leather

Black LeatherClassic Nude LeatherBright White Leather

For a Flat, They’re Really Comfortable

Overall, the Felicia Ballet Flat is really quite comfortable. Would I want to traverse all the countryside in them? No, probably not. But, as far as nice flats go, they’re actually surprisingly comfortable. They break in relatively easily and painlessly and, once you’ve done that, you’re pretty much good to go.

As someone who pronates, I have had a difficult time finding ballet flats that are comfortable and wearable for long periods of time. I hate the achy feeling that comes from wearing shoes with too-little support over a long period of time. However, the Felicia Ballet Flats have a decent amount of cushioning in them, which seems to reduce stress on the foot and ankle. Plus, I’ve found that, when breaking them in, they really maintain the shape of my foot, so they kind of develop a bit of arch support based on my foot shape anyway.

They’re Fairly Affordable and Consistently Priced

Overall, Sam Edelman’s Felicia Ballet Flats are pretty affordable, especially when you consider how much you can spend on pairs of shoes that wind up not working for you. Generally, the Felicia Ballet Flat ranges from $100 to $120, give or take, depending on the material and color. It’s also surprisingly easy to find great deals on them, particularly the brighter colors or patterns, at the end of seasons.

Why I Love Sam Edelman's Felicia Ballet Flats -- showing Leopard - Black/Nude Beach Multi - Lipstick Red Suede

LeopardBlack/Nude Beach MultiLipstick Red Suede

They’re Small and Fit Easily in Purses

Beyond the color, fit, and price, I love how easy it is to pack Felicia Ballet Flats in a purse or tote. I’ve found that they bounce back to life if they get squished under things — laptop, Hydro Flask water bottles, books, etc. — and they don’t take up much space in the bottom or side of a great carry-all bag.

So, whether you’re going to work, a night out, or some other event, it’s easy enough to pack a pair of reliably cute and comfortable Felicia Ballet Flats to switch into for if and when your heels start to bug you!

Why I Love Sam Edelman's Felicia Ballet Flats -- photo by Christine Csencsitz

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