An Introduction


My name is Christine. I am a lawyer and freelance writer who loves to crochet, read, and cuddle with my kitties. My interests are varied but revolve mostly around style, literature, and food.

Fashion and style have always been a central interest in my life. Lately, I have been most interested in discovering great skincare products (bonus points for all natural products). If I’m not in Lululemon, my style is usually a mix of Madewell, Rag & Bone, and the like.

My interests in food have been the most rapidly evolving. Over the past year, I have shifted to a pescatarian/vegetarian diet, which has come to influence not only my cooking style but also my lifestyle in general.

I’ve always been a reader, but with law school, my personal reading has sharply declined. I’m trying to change that. As an English major in undergrad, I focused primarily on the classics, as well as feminist writing. My personal interests encompass both of these genres, as well as history and historical fiction. I am very interested in British history and am particularly drawn to Mary Stuart and Scottish history.

I plan to fill these pages with my loves, experiences, and probably a healthy dose of my cats.