Carry-On Necessities: How to Fly Comfortably

Planning for a Flight

Packing for a flight can be difficult, especially if you’re not planning on checking a bag. I try to avoid checking a bag when possible, in part because I am inordinately concerned that the airlines are going to lose my baggage. Has this ever actually happened to me? No. But it’s still a concern, so I try to figure out how to fly comfortably without doing so.

How to Fly Comfortably

Between unpredictable temperatures, airport food, and dehydration, flying can really throw me for a loop. I like to bring as many little consistent necessities with me as I can to keep everything in balance.

Layer and Plan for Weird Temperatures

The biggest unknown that I try to plan for when I fly is the temperature. Some flights are warm; others are freezing. For some reason, the two flights I’ve taken to Jacksonville have been SO cold, for example, whereas others have been relatively temperate or even hot.

So, with this in mind, I like to layer my outfit. I generally go with leggings or jeans, depending on the length of a flight. Longer flights deserve leggings, in my opinion, but if I’m planning on meeting up with people right after landing, I’ll go with jeans or a comfortably dress.

Carry-On Necessities: How to Fly Comfortably by Christine Csencsitz featuring Frank & Eileen button downs, comfy jeans, snacks, and entertainment

As for tops, I am obsessed with Frank & Eileen button downs, especially this tartan option. A great option for layering with these tops are Free People Long Beach tanks.

Hydration is Key

Hydration, generally, is important, especially with the dehydrating airplane air. I like to bring an empty Hydro Flask with me and get it filled up with ice water (or iced tea, depending on how I’m feeling) at Starbucks or another restaurant after getting through security.

Relatedly, my skin really dries out with flying. Normally, I just lather on more moisturizer once I get to wherever I’m going. However, since I have a little Indie Lee toner from the Discovery Kit (which I wrote about here), I’m excited to have a bit of face mist to keep with me.

In a similar vein, a small moisturizer is always great to carry with you!

Lastly, I recently discovered an awesome Kush Tinted Lip Balm from Milk Makeup. It provides a good amount of color coverage while still being super hydrating. I went with the color “Nug,” which is a subtle, sandy color. I bought mine from Sephora, but it’s currently on sale on the Milk website for 20% off!

Snack Time On the Go

As much as I love to stop by Starbucks after getting through security, I don’t love relying on airport food. How can you fly comfortably if you’re hungry? If you’re running late, or the airport is really busy, you may not be able to grab a snack in time to make your flight. Otherwise, even if there is time, airport food isn’t always the best.

Carry-On Necessities: How to Fly Comfortably by Christine Csencsitz featuring Frank & Eileen button downs, comfy jeans, snacks, and entertainment

While it doesn’t replace a meal, really, I like to bring a few protein bars with me to snack on. Not only are they fast and easy, but they’re also generally cheaper than airport food.

Something to Do While Traveling

If there’s reliable wifi, I can get pulled into flipping through social media apps throughout the flight. I try not to let this happen, though. So I like to travel with a book (or my iPad if I’m reading an e-book) and my computer, especially if I’m working on something while I’m away or if I plan to watch Netflix wherever I’m going.

That being said, don’t forget your electronics chargers!