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Redbubble has long been a favorite purchase from and to support independent artists. In the past, I’ve bought prints, stickers, and other gifts from the website, always pleased with the quality. Now, though, I am excited to share that the website has a new offering: Redbubble Pet Supplies! Including blankets, bandanas, and non-skid plush mats, Redbubble Pet products are both adorable and affordable.

Louis wears the Green Floral Tapestry Pet Bandana from Redbubble Pet
Louis wears the Green Floral Tapestry Pet Bandana from Redbubble Pet

Trying Out Redbubble Pet Products

Recently, Redbubble reached out to me about having my cats test out some of their new offerings. I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the choices of patterns available, and wound up finding a number of great pieces both for my own cats as well as for friends’ furbabies.

Pet Bandanas

It was so fun to pick out different designs, many created by artists and inspired by history, like this gorgeous little bandana that Louis meowdels here (he has a small):

Redbubble Pet Bandana - Louis wears the Green Floral Tapestry Pet Bandana from Redbubble Pet
Louis wears the Green Floral Tapestry Pet Bandana from Redbubble Pet

The pet bandanas are made of a super durable material that is still easy to tie or maneuver with a collar. They’re machine washable and feature edge-to-edge full-color print that is bright, vibrant, and clear. I got an adorable nautical style for Brett’s family’s dog, Rowdy, and a pretty blue patterned one for my friends’ pup, Hazel. Both looked rather dapper in their new outfits, I think! Both are wearing large bandanas which has plenty of room for adjustment.

Rowdy (left) wears the Seaside Pet Bandana while Hazel (right) wears
the Cobalt Blue & China White Folk Art Pattern Pet Bandana, both in larges.

Pet Mats

Redbubble’s Pet Mats come in two shapes: a fish for felines, and a bone for the pups! They’re fun little non-skin placemats and travel pads that have a bit of cushion. So far, my cats have enjoyed them as both placemats and little loungers — as has my friends’ cat Tony (on the right):

Louis (left) eats atop the Periwinkle Plant Pet Mat, while Tony (right) lounges on his Mediterranean Blue Tile Pet Mat

Shop Redbubble Pets

If you haven’t checked out Redbubble’s limitless library of independent artists’ creations, I highly recommend perusing the site. With their expansion into Pet products, there’s truly something for everyone! 

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*Thank you to Redbubble for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my honest thoughts.

 *This post was originally published on June 26, 2022. It was most recently updated on June 29, 2022.

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