Styling the Cinq à Sept My Darling Graphic Tee

Why I Love Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts are an easy way to bolster an otherwise basic outfit. I tend to shy away from clothing with a lot of words on them, but I can be tempted from time to time for a particularly poignant message or for something fun. I’ve been eyeing Cinq à Sept’s graphic tees for a little while now. I finally picked up the Cinq à Sept My Darling graphic tee the other week and I’m so glad I went with it. It’s clear already that this tee going to be a staple in my casual style rotation.

Styling the Cinq à Sept My Darling Graphic Tee, by Christine Csencsitz

Styling the Cinq à Sept My Darling Graphic Tee

Super Casual Option

Shorts and a t-shirt is my go-to style, and since I live in Florida, I can go with this option for most of the year. This particular tee is described as a heather fabric, but I see it as mostly solid. Regardless, between the solid color and playful font, I think it goes really well with a pair of semi-distressed jean shorts. Rag & Bone has the best distressed shorts, and while they are pricy, I have gotten a lot of use out of them. I’ve also been pretty impressed with how well the shorts have held up. If I wanted to dress this look up a bit, I’d probably add a belt and be good to go for a day out.

A Dressier Option

For a dressier, more season-appropriate option, I would pair the Cinq à Sept My Darling graphic tee with a pair of dark wash jeans and a scarf. The darker denim makes the white lettering of the tee pop, in my opinion, and highlights the cute little heart in the font. Throw on a sweater or jacket and some boots and you’re all set for a chillier fall night.

Madewell jeans have been my absolute favorites for a while now, but 7 For All Mankind has some great rich washes that are comfortable and durable as well. Begg & Co. makes the most beautiful scarves, including the lighter-weight plaid weave pictured here. I have a number of their scarves, which should be telling since Florida isn’t exactly inviting of scarves as accessories.

The particular scarf pictured here is a few seasons old. However, there are a number of similar weight and styles available from Begg & Co. this season. My favorites include this navy option, this softer blue style, and this gorgeous red plaid scarf.

Cinq à Sept My Darling graphic tee with Madewell jeans and a Begg & Co. scarf

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