La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte

Why La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte Caught My Eye

People say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Beyond being hungry, though, going grocery shopping when you need some afternoon caffeine can be dangerous, too. While I was looking for my basics — milk, eggs, the usual — La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte’s caught my eye.

La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte, photo by Christine Csencsitz

The La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte is pretty cheap — under $3 at Publix — so I decided to give it a shot. I went for the vanilla option instead of the plain because it sounded like a nice treat. And, let me tell you, it sure was.

What is Draft Coffee?

First things first, what is a draft coffee? Similar to nitro coffees, draft coffee combines a bit of nitrogen, which creates a rich and frothy dimension, with milk. Sometimes, they also include flavors, like vanilla. The texture is a bit more like steamed milk coffees, rather than a flat iced coffee.

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Why I Enjoyed La Colombe’s Draft Coffee

I try not to spend too much money on coffee outside of the house. I really do love the Cafe Bustelo iced coffee I make in batches ahead of time. I’ll fill two large mason jars with hot, home-brewed coffee with a few ice cubes and stick them in the refrigerator overnight. Works like a charm. The thing is, I’m not really into hot coffee — or hot drinks of any kind (see, e.g., my favorite iced tea). Beyond that, I don’t like how watered down my coffee tastes when I pour freshly brewed Cafe Bustelo over sufficient ice to cool the whole drink. So, if I run out of my pre-made iced coffee in the morning, I’m pretty much done for the day.

La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte, photo by Christine Csencsitz

So, today, I was debating going to Starbucks. But traffic was bad and the Starbucks near my house is a little crazy to get into, so I skipped it. The La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte was the perfect replacement, though, for an afternoon Starbucks trip!

This iced latte is pretty concentrated, but not in the sense that it needs to be watered down. It tastes like the best iced coffee or iced latte from my favorite Cuban restaurant in Orlando, Black Bean Deli. I was worried the vanilla would be overpowering, but it’s really quite mild, which is nice. I don’t usually put sugar in my coffee — maybe one Sweet and Low at Starbucks — so the vanilla was a perfect addition. As it is a latte, it is a bit on the heavier side, and actually pretty filling. It’s really creamy, though, and almost reminded me of tiramisu!

La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte, photo by Christine Csencsitz

Where to Buy La Colombe Canned Coffees

Like I said, I picked up this particular La Colombe coffee from Publix for $2.79. Unsurprisingly, it is also available on Amazon in a variety pack that is actually pretty intriguing. From the brand website, you can even get a subscription, so the coffees are delivered right to your door. This is an interesting prospect, but I’ll probably stick to buying a few from Publix at a time.

Have you tried La Colombe’s draft lattes?
If so, which flavor is your favorite?

*This post was originally published on October 20, 2019. It was most recently updated on November 18, 2021.

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