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Great Audible Audiobooks

If you’re anything like me, you probably love to read but get distracted by, well, life. This post is all about how I use audiobooks to nourish my desire to read during times that I can’t quite sit still. Read more about this and get my favorite Audible audiobooks recommendations here!

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Cats & Coffee’s Curated Content Series: September Edition

Welcome to the September Edition of Cats & Coffee’s Curated Content Series! This series features weekly content round-ups of articles, videos, podcasts, and Instagram accounts. I find content that is worth your time so you don’t have to! This month features Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo, rescue animals, and an amazing Scottish history comedian on Instagram!

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Honest Thoughts on the Duolingo App: Learning Scottish Gaelic in a Few Minutes a Day

Duolingo is an app designed to help users learn a new language through “quick, bite-sized lessons.” With over thirty-five languages on the platform, the Duolingo App has pulled in millions of users worldwide. Claiming to be the “best way to learn a language,” Duolingo makes language-learning into a game. I started the Duolingo Scottish Gaelic course in July. Read my honest review of the language learning platform here!

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Coffee Table Books to Brighten Your Living Room

While I may not be the best at keeping my coffee table clean and clutter free, I do love how it looks with just a few pretty coffee table books on it. I’ve collected a number of true coffee table books over the years, some of which are still in storage. In writing this post, I realized the ones I keep out now are centered on a few primary themes — feminism, cats, and Outlander. If that’s not me in a nutshell, I don’t know what is. See what coffee table books I use to brighten my living room here!

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