The Flamingo Flea: Shop Small, Shop Local

Fort Lauderdale’s Flamingo Flea

The Flamingo Flea has been around for about a year now. This recurring market features eclectic crafts and goods, creating by local makers throughout South Florida. With an emphasis on expanding local creators’ growth and sustainability, the Flamingo Flea has created a sense of community around the creative.

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Shop Small, Shop Local

Typically, the Flamingo Flea is held every other month at Tarpon River Brewing in Fort Lauderdale. At these events, local artisans and crafters set up shop, offering a wide array of items. I love that the in-person events also support craft beer. Tarpon River Brewing is a great spot, featuring a variety of tasty beers and a robust kitchen.

P.S. this little baby Yoda crochet doll from the La Mequeca Boutique is one of my favorite finds from the market!

The Virtual Flamingo Flea

Lately, due to COVID-19, the Flamingo Flea has gone virtual. Since in-person events aren’t possible at the moment, the market has moved online so you can “shop like a local 24/7.”

Throughout the month of May and into June and July, the Flamingo Flea is highlighting some of favorite their favorite vendors on a rotating basis. New vendors are released every week, along with exclusive promo codes that you can get here.

Along with the special online marketplace, the Flamingo Flea’s social media is highlighting local makers, musicians, and more. For example, on May 17th, the Flamingo Flea Instagram hosted a few great Instagram Lives, featuring community builder talks, “crafted convos” highlighting specialty products and makers, a virtual beer tasting, and even live music!

Crafted Convos

The Crafted Convos in the Instagram Lives really caught my eye, and I was thrilled to find a whole section of the market’s website dedicated to more of these conversations. I particularly enjoyed reading the conversation with Sabrina Grimes of Boozy Craft Corner, as her business really combines two of my great loves — craft beer and crafting!

Critter Crafting in the Virtual Flamingo Flea

I am so excited to be included in the Virtual Flamingo Flea starting the last week of May! You’ll be able to shop all of my crochet creations through the Virtual Flamingo Flea, alongside other great makers and creators. My coasters (pictured here), Cat Mats, baby blankets, and throw blankets will all be available, along with some new pieces I’m adding this week. Though an untraditional format, this is my first foray into craft markets, so I’m super excited to see what everyone thinks of my pieces!

Going Forward with the Flamingo Flea

While social distancing is lasting longer than we all may have anticipated, the market is planning to return to normal operations once it’s safe to do so. I can’t wait to wander around the vendor booths again while sipping tasty craft beer! Bonus points for when people bring their dogs to the markets.

Besides hosting flea events every other month, the Flamingo Flea has some great new formats planned, including a style swap and a few other fun surprises! Be sure to follow them to keep up with these updates.

Shop Small and Shop Local with the Flamingo Flea here!

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about their amazing vendors, goals for the community, and more!

*Photos of the Flamingo Flea are from their website. Check out more event photos here!