5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Beautiful Travel Photography

Cover photo from @gisforgeorgina | All photos are from the respective Instagram accounts.

Beautiful Travel Photography

Who doesn’t love beautiful travel photography? One of the best parts of social media and the internet generally is how easy it is to explore new places by proxy, through other people’s photos and stories. Whether you’re actively planning your next vacation adventure, or you’re just looking for some pretty pictures to fill your Instagram feed, here are five great Instagram accounts to follow for beautiful travel photography:


I’ve written about how much I enjoy Pretty Little Fawn’s blog before, and her Instagram is just as gorgeous. She is traveling through Ireland, currently, and her posts are absolutely stunning. These photos were actually what prompted me to write this post! Anyway, if you’re looking for a study in cohesive social media imagery that you can simply get lost in, you’ll definitely want to check out Courtney Halverson’s Instagram.

Check out Pretty Little Fawn’s Instagram here.


I follow a bunch of Scottish bloggers, and Shawna from Exploring Edinburgh is one of my favorites, particularly of the Edinburgh influencers I follow. She posts some of the most gorgeous photos of Edinburgh and Scotland generally. Most of her content is based in Edinburgh, understandably, but she also has great content for other areas of the country. Plus, while her landscape and architecture shots are probably my favorite, she also has great detail shots and interior photos of some really cool places.

Check out Shawna’s Exploring Edinburgh on Instagram here.


Like Pretty Little Fawn, Alyssa Campanella’s lifestyle blog is one of my favorite blogs to keep up with. Alyssa’s photos are beautiful, clearly, but one of my favorite things about her travel content is how educational they are. Without a doubt, she tops my list of best travel photography instagram accounts. She does such a great job respectfully giving the story behind new places she visits, particularly when she’s experiencing new cultures and traditions. Over the past few months, she’s been living in Hong Kong and sharing various experiences through her photos and captions. I particularly enjoyed this post about Lunar New Year and a traditional style of dress, which really combined her page’s interests in travel and fashion beautifully.

Check out Alyssa Campanella’s Instagram here.


Like Shawna’s Exploring Edinburgh, Georgina’s Instagram is filled with gorgeous Scottish captures and inspirational quote content. If you want to feel transported to a land of lush green history, this profile is sure to oblige. I’ve been following Georgia (and Shawna) since before my mom and I went to Scotland in 2018, and both accounts provided me with some great local recommendations (IE: Golden Hare Books!). So, if you’re planning a trip, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for her recommendations.

Check out Georgina’s Instagram here.


London-based blogger, Rosie the Londoner has beautiful travel photography from all over. Whether you’re looking for some pretty British locations or West Coast vistas, there’s a little something for every travel craving. Besides travel pictures, you can expect cute babies, pups, style, and more from Rosie. Besides great photo content, Rosie posts some great Instagram Stories and AMAs. Highly recommend keeping an eye out for those!

Check out Rosie’s Instagram here.

Which of these accounts is your favorite? Who are some of the best travel photography instagram accounts in your opinion?
Share in the comments below – I’m always looking for more great creators to follow!