At Home Workouts with Minimal or No Equipment

At Home Workouts Can Be Overwhelming

It doesn’t seem like it should be, but working out at home can be a bit overwhelming. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it all. Even if I am overthinking the whole process, I don’t think I’m alone in doing so. There are so many options out there, first of all, and space restrictions can make it a little more complicated. Oh, and lest we forget about our furbaby helpers and feline yogis! Anyway, I’ve tested out one new at home workout program and seen a few other at home workouts that seem promising, each of which either don’t require equipment or require super basic things, like a yoga mat.

Olivia helps with at home yoga practice

My Peak Challenge’s 30-Day Social-Distancing Challenge

My Peak Challenge is a subscription-based workout and nutrition guide designed, in part, by Outlander’s Sam Heughan. They’ve released free workouts to help people out who are stuck at home practicing social distancing during COVID-19. The workouts are all pretty straight forward, and they come with a video showing how to do each of the steps. They’ve also built rest days into the program.

You can jump in at the most recent workout or go down to Day 1 of the 30-Day Social-Distancing Challenge. I started it up late and started at Day 1. You can see the workouts here.

Yoga with Adriene Mishler

One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Carly the Prepster, posted about this yoga series and totally piqued my interest. Adriene Mishler has a ton of yoga videos available for free on YouTube, including a 30-day at home yoga challenge that is fully available online. I haven’t started the 30-day challenge, but I’m planning to interweave the practices into the My Peak Challenge workouts. So far, I’m on day six of the 30-day Home practice and am loving it.

The New Yorker’s Coronavirus-Quarantine Diary: “Yoga With Adriene”

If you’re new to yoga, Adriene has a video for that, too. Check out her 20 minute Yoga for Beginners here. Interested in the 30-day challenge? Here is the introductory video to the 30-day yoga program.

BBG by Kayla Itsines

Chances are, you’ve seen something about BBG, or Bikini Body Guide, on Instagram or Facebook before. Or you likely have heard the acronym at least. I’ve never tried the platform out, but I came across a free BBG Beginner workout online that could be worth a shot. It has me curious about the rest of the program. From what I’ve read about the workouts online, they sound pretty intense and effective. Plus, they meet the little-to-no equipment requirement!

Here is a link to a lower body beginner session with Kayla Itsines from Women’s Health.

You can get more information about this workout platform and see the free beginner workout here.

More Online At Home Workout Resources

If these three options don’t pique your interest, thats ok! Besides the specified programs here, I’d recommend checking out this post from Women’s Health that covers 28 of the best at home workouts, featuring both live stream sessions and pre-recorded videos.