Brick Store Pub in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s Brick Store Pub

When Brett and I went to Atlanta, we wanted to go somewhere nice for our anniversary dinner. We weren’t looking for anything too fancy or anything, just a bit above our normal outings. After scouring Yelp for a bit, we remembered Brick Store Pub, a great little bar and restaurant we had gone to on a previous trip, and decided to go there. This was a great choice, since the food was amazing, the beer list was impressive, and the ambiance was quite lovely.

Brick Store Pub in Atlanta, Georgia -- photo by Christine Csencsitz

The Food

First and foremost, the food at Brick Store Pub is amazing. We were pretty hungry, since we hadn’t eaten much that day and had walked all around Emory University’s campus and then all around the Lennox Square mall. To start, we ordered the buttermilk biscuits with honey. The biscuits were great; I just wish they were a little bigger. We devoured them so quickly I didn’t get a picture, but take my word for it — they were good.

Brick Store Pub in Atlanta, Georgia -- photo by Christine Csencsitz

For dinner, I had the pierogi primavera and a side salad while Brett went for a burger and French fries. The pierogi were served in a cream sauce — rich but not too heavy — with a variety of thinly sliced vegetables and a crunchy, hearty piece of toast. Brett’s French fries were some of the best I’ve had in a while.

The Beer

Brick Store Pub’s beer list is pretty wild. They have such a wide variety of beer types and feature so many great breweries, like Allagash from Portland, Maine. Since we can’t really find Allagash in Florida, we both got a pint of Allagash White.

I also tried the Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA. I liked this beer a lot; it was really like a light IPA. Or maybe it seemed light because we had spent the previous afternoon at Sweet Water, a brewery famous for its hoppy beers (typically my favorite). Either way, the Sierra Nevada IPA was refreshing and very drinkable.

Lastly, Brett got an aged Sweet Water 17th Anniversary farmhouse ale. This was a bigger bottle so I had a bit, but it was a bit heavier than I generally like. Still, I found that the flavors were really rich and robust. Brick Store Pub had been aging the ale since 2014!

The Ambiance

Last, but not least, Brick Store Pub’s ambiance and atmosphere are everything you could want in a gastropub. It’s busy, but not too loud. There are two floors, with bars on both. We sat on the second floor landing, overlooking the main restaurant. They have a great aesthetic, based a bit on a farmhouse style, but incorporating everything you think of when you think about cozy bars.

Brick Store Pub in Atlanta, Georgia -- photo by Christine Csencsitz

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