Cat Mom Life: Promoting Water Consumption in Cats

Why Cats Need Water

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must eat meat in order to thrive — or even survive. Cats break down nutrients in meat differently than dogs, for example, and their nutrition needs can be quite unique. Obligate carnivores need high quality foods in their lives, both for kibble and wet foods. This is especially important for promoting water consumption in cats since, besides carbohydrates and other nutrients, cats absorb water from their foods. There are resources online that describe how much water cats should be taking in a day, which varies by weight. Cats don’t just take in water by drinking it. Instead, they also absorb water from their wet foods and kibbles.

Louis in the cabinet with all of his wet food, by Christine Csencsitz

Promoting Water Consumption in Cats

Hydration is so important for us humans, so why wouldn’t we want our kitties to be hydrated, too? I’m not a vet, but I am a helicopter humom with my pets, especially since Olivia has a tendency towards urinary tract issues. Because of this, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help promote water consumption in our kitties!

Keep Water and Food Bowls Separate

Cats prefer to keep their water and food sources separate. Innate hunting instincts can tell cats to steer clear of water near their food, as this helps cats avoid tainted water supplies. So, if your cat doesn’t seem to drink very much from their bowl by their food, try moving the water to a different area of the house.

Try a Pet Water Fountain

Have you ever noticed that cats seem to love running water? Louis, in particular, loves to drink from the faucet, for example. I got a pet water fountain for our cats a while back and it has made a huge difference. All three cats’ water consumption has increased, which is great, since before I don’t think they were taking in enough hydration from the water bowls. We love our Pet Mate fountain, but there are a lot of great and affordable options.

Emory with Cat mate water fountain

Go For a High Quality Wet Food

As I mentioned earlier, cats absorb water from their wet and dry foods. Dry foods tend to have around 10% water content whereas dry foods are closer to 80% water content. Because of this, I like to make sure we have high quality wet foods to help supplement our cats’ water intake. Weruva, in particular, creates hydration packed recipes that focus on getting high protein to your little obligate carnivores.