Cat Mom Life: the Best Cat Trees

Cats Love Cat Trees

Louis loves to go up. He likes to climb counters and bookshelves and, of course, cat trees. Olivia likes to practice her jumping and scaling on cat trees, as well, while Emory likes to look down on us from the top of hers.

Cat trees are great because you can put treats and toys, catnip and Cat Mats all over it. I like to hide kibble under Cat Mats for the kitties when we’re out of the house for a while; it gives them something to hunt while we’re gone! They’re great for cats who love to perch and watch cat TV — or just keep an eye on the house!

Our Cat Tree Collection

I got Louis his first cat tree when he was about a year old. It’s a smaller tree with a cardboard scratcher. We still have it. When I moved into my law school apartment, which was much bigger than my previous place, I splurged on a taller cat tree for Lou and Liv.

In all, we have three cat trees in our apartment. I came to the new place with two and Emory had one of her own. Three might be excessive, but all of them are used regularly. We couldn’t decide on which one to get rid of, so we kept them all.

Besides loving their cat trees, the kitties also love their little cat slings. We have two — another product of blending two cat households. Both of ours are from Amazon, but Chewy has some good options, too, like this one.

The Best Cat Trees Available

All of our cat trees are a few years old, and the exact matches don’t appear to be available anymore. The options listed below, though, all have some of the best aspects of our trees.

Overall, the kitties seem to prefer the trees with multiple ledges or seats, so that they can hang out on them together. The rope scratcher portions are a hit, too — Emory especially loves the scratcher portions!

Frisco Deluxe 57-in Cat Tree, Cream ($54.99)

This mid-height cat tree is available at Chewy. It has multiple layers and a little hidy-hole condo. The rope scratcher poles are pretty popular with my kitties, too, so that’s a plus!

Since this cat tree is from Chewy and it’s over $49, shipping is free! How great is that?

Frisco Deluxe 57-in Cat Tree, Cream ($54.99) from Chewy

GoPetClub 72-inch Cat Tree ($77.00)

This taller option is awesome because it comes in different colors. There is some price differences between the different colors, but the blue — which is $77 — is my favorite.

Again — free shipping from Chewy on orders over $49! Check out all the color options here.

GoPetClub 72-inch Cat Tree ($77.00) from Chewy

Feandrea Cat Tree with Scratching Posts ($64.99)

This option from Amazon has a cozy looking plush seat at the top, along with two hidy-hole condos. Again, it has the rope scratchers for kitty nails and stretching. This is a smaller option, measuring about 33 inches tall.

This cat tree comes in a few colors, too. Check them out here.

Feandrea Cat Tree with Scratching Posts ($64.99) from Amazon

New Cat Condos 4 Level Cat Lounger, Neutral ($105.07)

At 61 inches tall, this cat tree is a taller option with a wider base. There are three little pods for kitties, as well as a flat portion, which makes it perfect for multi-cat households. My kitties like the flat shelves for jumping and climbing.

This option is available in a few colors on Amazon.

New Cat Condos 4 Level Cat Lounger, Neutral ($105.07) from Amazon

Armarkat 43-in Cat Tree, Dark Green ($62.99)

Lastly, this cat tree is my favorite color ever, so I think the kitties might need it. Color aside, this cat tree is a great option for two-cat households. It’s a mid-height option at 43 inches tall and a wide, stable base.

This Chewy option has free shipping!

Armarkat 43-in Cat Tree, Dark Green ($62.99) from Chewy

There are a bunch of other great cat tree and scratcher options out there.
Check out all the trees and scratchers available at Chewy here!

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