My Current Loves: 3rd Edition

Welcome back to the Cats & Coffee My Current Loves series. Let’s dive right in.

James Perse Vintage Pocket Tank

I love James Perse tops. As I write this, I’m wearing my favorite oversized black t-shirt from the brand (I bought it over two years ago and it’s still in great shape!).

James Perse Vintage Pocket Tank in Artillery Pigment or mossy green color.
James Perse Vintage Pocket Tank in Artillery Pigment color. Photo from the brand website. Available here.

The Vintage Pocket Tank will probably be my next James Perse purchase. It comes in a few great colors, but this dark olive color — called Artillery Pigment — is really calling my name. I think it would be perfect with shorts or jeans!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I’ve been a fan of John Oliver since his Daily Show days. His HBO show, Last Week Tonight, is a favorite of mine. Lately, I had fallen out of the habit of watching it weekly. I normally keep up with politics and current events, but had been getting overwhelmed by everything that has been going on, so my political/current event shows and podcasts (sorry, Hellbent! I need to catch up again) kind of fell by the wayside.

Anyway, the benefit of taking a break from current shows is that, when you come back to them, you have a bunch of episodes to binge watch! I started back up with John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and was reminded why I loved the show to begin with. The section on mobile homes was particularly illuminating (and humorous, thanks to a reenactment the show directed).

Rose Loose Leaf Tea

I love tea. I drink it every day — while I start the day with coffee, tea is my go-to throughout most of the day. Lately, I’ve been really into black teas with rose. When I went to Scotland with my mom in early 2018, we discovered Rosevear Tea, a little shop and cafe with a wide variety of affordable, loose leaf teas (and cute pots and mugs, too!). Besides their Lemon Ginger, which I think is the best lemon ginger tea I’ve had, the Rosevear Rose Tea has been one of my absolute favorites lately.

Clear Glass Whittard of Chelsea tea pot with Rosevear Rose Tea.

Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth Century Europe

I have always loved history and this book is probably my favorite of my current loves. Lately, I’ve been reading and listening to a number of great books and audiobooks about European history. I stumbled upon Game of Queens on Amazon a while back and thought it looked interesting.

So far, the book is an amazing read. It covers a wide variety of royal 16th century women and discusses their interactions with major historical events. Not only is the topic interesting, but the book is super readable and the chapters are broken down succinctly and neatly by year and locality. I highly recommend it!