Cottagecore, Medievalcore, & Cosplay TikToks

Current Favorite TikToks and Reels

Though I don’t have too much interest in creating highly-designed videos myself at this point, I have found a certain amount of escapism in TikTok and IG Reels lately. While I appreciate informative ones, I am gravitating towards the funny, the cute, and the simply entertaining. As such, I thought I’d share some of my favorite TikToks by category, and started out with Cute Animal TikToks. This post is all about my favorite cottagecore, medievalcore, light and dark academia, and cosplay TikToks.


Cottagecore, Medievalcore, & Cosplay TikToks

This monolith category features some of my favorite escapism accounts. They focus on cottagecore and its derivatives, along with general slow living. But there’s also a distinct cosplay aspect of it, a well. Some accounts get so into it that could be a whole other category, really.

At the risk of making this blog post completely impossible to load, I am adding an in-depth list of my favorite accounts. The list also has my favorite videos linked from each creator. Let me know your favorites in the comments!

Photos by: @rusticpages, @gingersnark, @enchanted_noir, & @mymblebee

Cottagecore, Light and Dark Academia, & Princesscore

For me, this category is defined by it’s romanticism. Often, these feature idealized imagery, with a heavy focus on the outdoors. Personally, I find watching videos like these is a really soothing way to end the day. A word of caution, though: doing so may make you want to abandon city life and run away to some remote moor in the countryside.


🍂 #cottagecore #aesthetic #princesscore

♬ My love will never die.. – Kenny


teapot tour— one is also a music box! #fyp #cottagecore #teapot #bridgerton

♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo


Fields of flax #cottagecore #cottagecorecommunity #fyp #foryou #flaxfield #flowerfield

♬ Abandon – Goldmund


a rainy day in the woods #peaceful #raintok #cottagecore #fairycore

♬ original sound – Hannah Stater


Bath has a piece of my heart 🖤🕊 #cozyaesthetic #darkacademia #lightacademia #vintageaesthetic #visitengland #bookishlife #thisclose

♬ original sound – Bertie Newman

Medievalcore & Cosplay Generally

This category is a bit broader than the previous. In my mind, medievalcore and cosplay TikTok focus more on entertainment and creative ability rather than ambiance. There is a lot of overlap, though, between the two. Some of my favorite such accounts are comedy based, like @brightbuoy who makes fun of period drama tropes or @embrenn365 who takes on Disney princess type personalities. Others have more of a focus on costuming — accurate or otherwise.


introducing my craft! 🥰 #reenactor #mybigidea #foryoupage #gold #victorian #fyp #silk #brocade #handmade #16thcentury #historical #medievaltiktok

♬ Téir Abhaile Riu – Celtic Woman


Today was literal magic.

♬ Téir Abhaile Riu – Celtic Woman


Whichever you choose do it with conviction, we don’t tolerate half assery in this kingdom👑 #medievaltiktok#queen #royalcore

♬ original sound – Dave Felton – Uncle Davey


Just a #casual day 💕 #vintagestyle #outfitinspo #frontrowfashion #dayinmylife

♬ Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Violin


PSA- 18th c hot girls wear what they want- your gown isn’t lesser if it’s not historically accurate 💗it’s grape juice tiktok, dw 🙄 IG @elle.lexxa

♬ Barbie Girl – Aqua


About time I make a transition video to this song haha #nancymulligan #transitions #renfaire #renfaireoutfit

♬ Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran


since we’re on the theme of #viking styles. 😄 #braids #tutorial #vikings #norse #vikingtok #vikingcore #pagan #reenactor #repost #medieval

♬ original sound – Lady Mymble

My Favorite Cottagecore, Medievalcore, & Cosplay TikTok Accounts

Here are some of my favorites that I recommend giving a follow:

Photos by: @poemsforthemoon, @monalogue, @aclotheshorse, @elle.lexxa

Which of these is your favorite?
Is there another TikTok account along these lines that you love?