Gold Home Decor Accents

How to Use Gold Color in the Home

Though I don’t have the strongest opinions on whether I like gold or silver more, I am really drawn to green and gold home decor. Green is my favorite color, and there are so many beautiful gold decorative accents out there that pair nicely with it. There are plenty of ways to incorporate gold decor in your home, from larger mirrors to cabinet hardware and everywhere in between. In my own searches, I’ve found some great pieces to share with you here in my guide to gold accent decorating ideas!

Terrace Golden Glass Shadow Boxes

Terrace Golden Glass Shadow Boxes

Gold Home Decor Accessories

Whether you’re looking for utilitarian options, like shelves or baskets, or prefer purely decorative trinkets, there are plenty of ways to incorporate gold decor in your home. This round up highlights decor accessories, rather than gold wall accents. I’ve found that, personally, I tend to gravitate towards decorative trinkets. However, I did find some great wire shelves from Etsy and a few beautiful gold mirrors that would suit this motif!

Gold Accent Decor

Top Row: Brass Lota Pots | Gold Floating Shelves | Bumblebee Accent Lamp
Bottom Row: Hinged Gold Bud Vases | Handmade Gold Mirror Tray | Knotted Decorative Object

Geometric Gold Accents

In line with the purely decorative, I found a handful of geometric gold accent pieces. These would certainly suit an organic modern home style, as well as something more classic. For example, I like the Knotted Decorative Object above and the Jack Decorative Object below, both from Anthropologie. For something a bit more useful, this little Roman Antique Platinum Heart Bowl from Bloomingdale’s has both charm and utility.

Gold Home Accents

Top Row: Madison Hook Rack | Lars the Llama Table Lamp | Jack Decorative Object | Mireille Mirror
Bottom Row: Roman Antique Platinum Heart Bowl | Adeline Knotted Kitchen Handle | Belroy Tray

Gold Lamps

When I set out to write this, I didn’t expect to find as many lovely gold lamps as I did. Lamps rarely draw my eye unless they’re either very unique or an unusual color. In most cases in this post, they are unique — see, for example, the Raccoon Table Lamp. At the same time, though, I was also drawn to this simple and classic Clover Sconce.

Gold Living Room Decor Ideas

Top Row: Raccoon Table Lamp | Clover Sconce | Celine Four-Picture Frame | Small Linen Print Vase
Bottom Row: Small Moon Glass Bowl | Penny Ombre Capiz Mirror | Spherical Decorative Object | Fishing Hook Hanger

Gold Picture Frames & Keepsake Boxes

Picture frames and shadow boxes are ideal ways to use gold decor in your current space. Whether you’re trying to protect and display delicate objects, or you’re looking to display photo prints, I find West Elm and Anthropologie are two of the best stores for these pieces. These are great additions to bookshelves, end tables, or even coffee tables!

Gold Accent Decor For Living Room

Top Row: Metallic Woven Oversized Lidded Hamper | Aaron Probyn Marble Tabletop Frames | Scalloped Capiz Hurricane
Bottom Row: Colette Ring Dish | Terrace Golden Glass Shadow Boxes | Symmetrical Brass Objects | Decorator Mercury Hurricanes

Favorite Gold Decor Finds

Gold Home Decor Ideas

Which of these gold home decor pieces are your favorite?

I am most fond of the whimsical animal lamps, but am also drawn to the useful finds, like this mirrored tray or this floral wall hook rack!

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