Rediscovering Yoga: Getting Back Into Practice

Getting Back Into Yoga Practice

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for about seven years. My university had a pretty great rec center with free group fitness classes, including vinyasa yoga and power yoga. They even had small group classes for inversions, which cost under $100 for at 6+ sessions. Looking back, I realize how good of a price that was compared to a lot of yoga studios in the real world.

Besides the UF rec classes, there was a great yoga studio in town that had really reasonable prices and great schedules.

After law school, though, and after I moved out of Gainesville, I fell out of my yoga habit. I found it to be incredibly difficult to maintain a routine while moving, getting the new apartment set up, and dealing with all the other immediate post-grad life changes. To say nothing of going to yoga, it was hard enough to even go walk on the treadmill.

Rediscovering Yoga

While I was doing intervals on the treadmill a couple weeks ago, I found myself reflecting on just how much I hate running. Sometimes, intervals are fun; most of the time, though, running is just not my thing. As hard as I’ve tried, it jut isn’t.

So, I decided to try a new yoga studio. It can be daunting to find a new studio.

I tried one in town once and it really weirded me out — just the layout and the remoteness of the studio made me uncomfortable, especially since the classes didn’t get out until it was dark.

Ultimately, I got a recommendation from a friend for a non-sketchy studio that I’m pretty happy with. It isn’t a hot yoga studio, but I found out that they don’t turn the AC on usually — previously, I thought it was just badly air conditioned — which means its basically hot yoga because it’s in Florida. This has been an adjustment and I’ve adjusted my pre-class water intake accordingly, since the other day I felt a little dizzy. I think I’m going to need to invest in a workout towel, too. I’m thinking I’ll get one of these Manduka options — either this big one or the smaller one.

How It’s Going

So, I started back about a month ago and I am still sore. Between being a bit out of shape, definitely out of practice in regards to yoga, and unused to a new teaching style (read: challenging), it’s been a learning process. Plus, with the lack of AC, just figuring out what work out clothes has been a bit of a challenge.

Overall, I’ve Noticed a Few Things

Since getting back into yoga practice, I’ve noticed a few things. It’s not a panacea for any and all life stresses, but it is making me feel better overall.

First, my posture is better. As tight as my back has been from practicing, I do feel like I’m sitting up straighter. My low back isn’t as tight as it had been, either, which is good since I mostly have desk work.

Second, I’m sleeping better. I think this is a result of actually being physically tired at the end of the day. Something about the meditation aspect of the practices really has been helping me mellow, which is a great benefit.

Third, my motivation to eat healthy is back. Like the sleep, I think this is a result of being more physically active. Have a challenging work out class in my life makes me more accountable than if I just walk on the treadmill for a few minute there and there. I’ve been hungrier, but also more interested in eating healthier snacks, like cucumbers and hummus!

So, before I could talk myself out of it, I bought a 10 class pass to keep myself going!

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