Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

Honest Thoughts on Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

A friend of mine gave me Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser to try. She had bought it for herself but didn’t love it. I’ve been a fan of Mario Badescu’s products for a while — that is, since I found out that the brand’s drying lotion existed. Besides the drying lotion, I’ve tried a few of their products, but the facial sprays stand out as favorites, far and away.

The Cleanser is Great

After a few days of using the cleanser, I found that it really cleared up the little acne spots on my forehead. It was a quick and easy swap in my routine that seemed to pay off nicely, which was great.

Besides this, the cleanser also removed makeup well. I love a cleanser that doubles as makeup remover, like my all time Obagi favorite.

…But It is Also Quite Drying

As much as I love the drying lotion, the cleanser is a little intense for me. While it has cleared up my forehead, my chin has dried out since using it — so there’s good and bad. I have combination skin that errs on oily but is also tempermental. The glycolic foaming cleanser is definitely a once-a-week formula for me.

Overall, I Like It for Time to Time

If you have calmer, mellower skin, this cleanser would probably work better for you than me.

I think that it probably would have been great for me during high school and early college, when my skin was overall more oily. So if you have more adolescent acne, it’d probably be great.

If you have combination skin like I do, I would stick to using it once or twice a week and avoid the delicate skin right around your lips. That’s where I’ve noticed the most pealing from the product.

Can’t recommend the facial sprays enough, though! Check them out on Amazon here and the brand site here.

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