My Experience with Beauty Pie

Finding Beauty Pie, A Subscription-Based Beauty Company

Before last August, I had not heard of Beauty Pie, but when I saw they had a retinol hand cream, I was in. I love retinols and I love hand creams so this was really a win-win.

Initially, I was a little hesitant about joining the monthly subscription service from Beauty Pie. I didn’t really understand how it worked and I’ve been trying to get my monthly subscriptions under control.

Basically, by paying a monthly fee (I have the $10/month subscription), you get an “allowance” to spend. You can get bonuses added to the monthly allowance with promo codes and the like (which I have had for both months so far). With my $10 membership, I have $100 to spend a month. This is where it gets a little confusing. The spending limit/allowance is based on the retail prices, but what you pay is based on the membership prices. I can get up to $100 of the “typical price” items but pay the lower prices.

Beauty Pie's Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

For example, with my membership, I pay $7.73 for this eye cream that retails for $85. Out of my $100 allowance, I have $15 left.

So you’re limited on how much you can buy each month, but you pay the far lower prices.

I have placed two orders so far and spent $64.85 (or $84.85 if you include the monthly fee). However, the products I bought, in total, retail for $355.

Per the brand’s website, “You get the same luxury quality cosmetics and high performance skincare, without paying for the middlemen, the celebrity marketing or retailer costs.” The brand is pretty minimalist, lacking the bells and whistles that some beauty brands and subscription services employ.

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My Favorite Beauty Pie Skincare Products

So far, I have genuinely loved each of the Beauty Pie skincare products I have ordered.

Super Retinol Hand Cream

That being said, the Super Retinol Hand Cream is far and away my favorite product. I think this is just because it’s a unique product to me. I’ve never seen a non-facial moisturizer with retinol before. Besides the anti-aging effects, I like the consistency and the fact that it doesn’t become sticky or tacky. Plus, if you’re into retinols, the brand really explains the science behind them and the slow-release formula they use.

Beauty Pie is a revolutionary beauty subscription brand based on providing quality, science-backed, clean beauty products at affordable prices. Read my honest review of Beauty Pie here!

Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Like with the retinol hand cream, I haven’t seen a dedicated retinol eye cream before (at least that I can recall). The Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is really nice. It feels like a thick, water-based moisturizer (kind of like the Belif Aqua Bomb eye cream and moisturizer). I keep accidentally using too much, though, because the pump is a little intense. It’s only really an issue because it gets all over my glasses.

Uber Youth Re-Elastic Concentrate Serum

The Uber Youth Re-Elastic Concentrate Serum is pretty great. It has a gentle scent to it that I like. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect a serum to be: light and slightly moisturizing. It’s plant based and uses one of my favorite ingredients — hyaluronic acid. Like the other products I’ve tried, this serum is gentle on the skin and didn’t cause any adverse reactions. This is important to me since my skin can be pretty sensitive.

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My Beauty Pie Conclusions

In my opinion, the Beauty Pie subscription is totally worth it. Don’t let the no-frills packaging and branding trick you into thinking the products are boring or bland; they’re anything but that. Beauty Pie offers high quality skincare that is clean and gentle while still being effective. I definitely recommend checking their products out!

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Beauty Pie is a revolutionary beauty subscription brand based on providing quality, science-backed, clean beauty products at affordable prices. The company offers clean skincare products as well as simple and effective makeup. Some of my favorite products feature super gentle but effective retinol, while others are truly plant based beauty. Read my honest review of Beauty Pie, along with some great plant based products and affordable and effective retinol products reviews, here!

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