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Coppertail Brewing Co. in Tampa, Florida

Coppertail Brewing Co is an artsy brewery with a whimsical backstory, manifesting steampunk-oceanic style with a variety of delicious, highly-flavored beers. An established local brewery with a wide distribution, Coppertail is a must-visit for any trip to Tampa. Learn more about this staple Tampa brewery here!

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The Best Breweries in Tampa for Craft Beer Lovers

Tampa Bay, Florida, is home to nearly fifty breweries, ranging in size from small microbrews (including Florida’s oldest microbrewery) to large-scale operations. As new residents of the area, Brett and I have been enjoying trying out the many breweries Tampa has to offer. Read on for my guide to the best breweries in Tampa for craft beer lovers!

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Florida Craft Beer: Specialty Beers You Will Want to Try

When it comes to craft breweries, Florida has quite the selection to choose from, with over 300 brewing operations. The Florida craft beer scene seems to have grown exponentially lately, with local breweries growing in size, popularity, and renowned. This past month, I got to visit the drive-thru operations of two of my favorite Gainesville breweries. Check out my favorite new Florida craft beers and learn more about the breweries themselves and the Florida craft beer scene here.

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The 4th of July 2020: Social Distance Edition

While this 4th of July might not be our norm, there are still ways to observe the American holiday while practicing social distancing. It’s important to remember that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. If you’re looking for some low-key ways to celebrate the 4th of July 2020, here are some of my easy, affordable, and socially-distant recommendations!

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Wicked Barley: Naughty Ales, Noble Souls

Jacksonville’s Wicked Barley Brewery has it all: a comfortable atmosphere, great events, and tasty beers. Read my full review of Wicked Barley here!

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