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Cats & Coffee’s Most Popular Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Lately, I have renewed my focus on my eating habits. Life gets busy, complicated, and, frankly, exhausting; eating habits are often the first to get pushed to the back burner for me. It’s a bad cycle, because eating poorly certainly doesn’t help with getting out of a stress cycle. If you’re feeling similarly, I wanted to offer a round up of my most popular easy vegetarian recipes from Cats & Coffee. I hope they serve you well!

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Pasta e Ceci: a Traditional Roman Dish with Personal Flair

Pasta e Ceci is a great staple for any meal prep rotation. As much as I love to cook, I really love nice and quick recipes. I came across this recipe some months back and was struck by the simplicity – it’s easily a 30 minute meal that is sure to please. Whether you make it for yourself or as a recipe for two, Pasta e Ceci is a crowd pleaser and easy to modify to suit your tastes and cravings. Get the recipe and tips here!

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Quinoa and Tofu Vegetable Bowl

Tofu is a versatile plant based protein source and is a great option for meatless meals. This ingredient is packed with nutrients and can be used in a variety of ways. It has been a staple of my vegetarian meal prep for years – even before I fully cut out meat from my diet! Learn more about tofu and try my healthy quinoa and tofu vegetable bowl recipe here.

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