The Best Smocked Dresses Under $200

The Best Smocked Dresses

Smocked dresses are super popular lately, and perfect for spring and summer. With the rise of the Hill House Nap Dress (of which I am a huge fan), this style dress has started popping up everywhere. Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite smocked dress finds, each under $200!

The Best Smocked Dresses Under $200

What Does Smocked Mean in Clothing?

First things first, I wanted to answer the question: what is a smock style? Smocking generally refers to a type of rouched stitching style, generally at the top of an otherwise looser-silhouetted dress. It can be a bit of an old fashioned style. However, many current designers and brands have taken the style and really run with it!

The Best Smocked Dresses Under $200

For this round up, I’ve split up my finds into four categories. First, I’m starting with dressy smocked dresses. Second, I’m sharing casual patterned options. Third, you’ll find great solid color casual smock dress styles. And fourth are the mini smocked dresses. There are a couple pieces that I really liked and that fit into multiple categories, as you will see below. Plus, many of the styles pictured here are offered in multiple colors or patterns. Notable styles with multiple colors or motifs are marked with an asterisk (*) next to the item name.

Dressy Options

I am starting with dressy smocked dresses, as there can be the misconception that this style is only for casual looks. Not so! There are a ton of beautiful and elegant smocked dress options out there. Much of the distinction seems to come down to the color choice or pattern. For example, I included two Abercrombie & Fitch styles here that come in multiple colors. For both, the solid, lighter colors are more casual, but the patterned or darker color motifs look downright dressy.

The Best Smocked Dresses Under $200 - Dressy Options

Top Row: Tuckernuck Gingham Lelia Dress | Wayf Roswell Smocked Mini Dress | A&F Short Sleeved Smocked Midi Dress* | Tuckernuck Midnight Posy Mallie Dress
Bottom Row: J.Crew Flutter-Steve Dress | Hill House Jasmin Nap Dress | French Connection Diana Verona Dress* | A&F Easy Maxi Dress*

Casual Patterned Smock Dresses

Many, if not most, of the smocked dresses you may find out there have some kind of pattern. Whether you opt for a subtle stripe or a robust floral, these casual options are great for brunch or a day out. I, of course, love the Hill House Ellie Nap Dress. However, I am also drawn to the boho-inspired Aqua Smocked Waist Dress. The latter is a great example of how smocking doesn’t have to be limited to the bodice area of a dress. Instead, the smocking can offer waist definition for a summer dress silhouette.

The Best Smocked Dresses Under $200 - patterned casual styles

Top Row: Lost and Wander New Day Claire Midi Dress | Aqua Smocked Waist Dress | J.Crew Linen Daydream Dress | French Connection Diana Verona Dress*
Bottom Row: 1.State Printed Smocked Dress | J.Crew Smocked Sleeveless Dress | Draper James Kimberly Smocked Midi Dress (similar style here) | Hill House Ellie Nap Dress*

Casual Solid Color Styles

It must be said, you can’t go wrong with a nice solid option. I’ve found a number of great smocked dress options for both muted and bolder colors. Notably, the Aqua Smocked Midi Dress comes in a few great colors, and I am especially drawn to this blue. Both this Aqua option and the A&F Easy Maxi Dress are great smocked maxi dress options for spring into summer. For a slightly different silhouette, check out this Ruched High Slit Cotton Dress. This style comes is both white (pictured below on the bottom row) and black.

The Best Smocked Dresses Under $200 - solid color casual styles

Top Row: A&F Easy Maxi Dress* | Aqua Smocked Midi Dress* | J.Crew Smocked Linen Beach Dress* | Aqua Printed Cotton Smocked Midi Dress
Bottom Row: French Connection Isla Organic Cotton Tiered Dress | Aqua Poplin Tiered Mini Dress | Aqua Ruched High Slit Cotton Dress | Aqua Smocked Tiered Gauze Midi Dress

Mini Dress Smocked Styles

Last but not least, the mini smocked dress options. Most of the options pictured here are the more traditional style of smocked top dresses. However, I included a couple different bodice styles for variety’s sake. I really love the two long sleeve smocked dresses pictured here. The 1.State Smocked Printed Dress (bottom left), along with the short-sleeved Buddy Love Andi Dress, come in multiple colors, too, so it’s definitely worth checking out for a year-round mini option.

Smocked Mini Dresses

Top Row: Draper James Cam Smocked Floral Dress (similar style here) | Wayf Roswell Smocked Mini Dress | Aqua Square Neck Smocked Dress | Pomander Place Gingham Abigail Dress
Bottom Row: 1.State Smocked Printed Dress* | Buddy Love Andi Square Neck Dress* | Aqua Smocked Waist Dress | 1.State Cotton Tie Shoulder Smocked Dress

Do you have a favorite smocked dress style?
Which of the finds that I shared here are your favorites?

 *This post was originally published in March 2022. It was most recently updated on May 19, 2022.