Feel Good TV Shows to Watch

Great Feel Good TV Shows

Sometimes, you just want something light and lovely to watch. Whether you have the TV on in the background while you work or clean up, or if you want to be engrossed in a show, I have a few recommendations of feel good TV shows to suit that mood.

Favorite Feel Good TV Shows to Watch

The Durrells in Corfu

A beautifully produced period piece, The Durrells in Corfu follows an ex-pat British family following World War One. Relocating to the small, picturesque Greek isle of Corfu, Louisa Durrell and her four children try to make due without electricity and other modern amenities they were used to in Bournemouth. Each of the children provide their own traits and levity, either by way of naivety or simple quirks. In all, The Durrells in Corfu is what first comes to my mind when I think of feel-good TV.

Parks & Recreation

A true classic, Parks & Recreation is the epitome of an optimistic comedy. Centered on dedicated public servant Leslie Knope, the show follows her and her Parks & Rec team as they bumble through red tape and disgruntled citizen requests in Pawnee, Indiana. Chaos and whimsey ensue.

Schitt’s Creek

One might not assume that a story about an out of touch wealthy family losing their money would make for feel good tv, but that is certainly not the case here. Schitt’s Creek is a unique comedy that manages to create, as Moira Rose would say, something “truly winsome” seemingly out of nothing. Yes, the characters are over the top — especially at the beginning — and yes, they’re hardly sympathetic…at first. But, as you get to know the Rose family, and as they’re humbled from their classist fall, it’s hard not to find them endearing.


Of the shows on this feel good TV list, Bridgerton is the most dramatic. I debated bringing it into the list at all, but the ridiculousness of the narrative — and narrator — and the humorous movements of the secondary characters stand out to me as really great feel-good TV. While the show deals with some heavier topics, it does so against the backdrop of a flirty and flighty not-quite-real British society. The Queen is obsessed with a gossip column (and has a fleet of adorable Pomeranians); the middle Bridgerton daughter gives off major Mary Bennet/Jo March vibes. And, amongst all this, the costumes and sets are gorgeous. That’s some good feel good TV if you ask me.

Gilmore Girls

If you’re anything like me — and the women in my family — Gilmore Girls was a big part of growing up in the 2000s. Part of the reason that I consider this show to be great feel good TV is the nostalgia factor. When I started watching the show (a few years after it first aired), I was about Rory’s age. So it was fun to see a sort of kindred spirit in her. The quips and fast-paced dialogue merit subtitles, and definitely influenced my reading as a teenager. Oh, and can’t forget the coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

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