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How to Recycle Beauty Products

Beauty products account for a huge amount of waste in landfills, as many as 2.7 billion plastic bottles a year. It can be difficult to figure out how to recycle beauty products, since many municipal recycling plants cannot accept them. This is where TerraCycle comes in. Learn how to recycle skin care and beauty products here!

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Sustainable Grocery Shopping Tips: How to Make Your Meal Prep More Environmentally Friendly

By focusing on sustainability in the grocery store, not only can you help the planet, but you’re probably going to make it easier on your wallet, too. Get a few easy sustainable grocery shopping tips and meal prep ideas here!

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How to Recycle With TerraCycle

TerraCycle is an online-based waste recycling coordination service “on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste.” TerraCycle seeks to recycle everything, including waste previously thought to be un-recyclable. Read more about how you can use this easy resource to recycle household waste!

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Sustainable Beauty Solutions

Sustainability is an important trend, and implementing it in daily life isn’t as difficult was it may seem. In the beauty industry, so many products come in plastic within plastic. Check out some easy sustainable beauty solutions here!

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