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Cats & Coffee’s Most Popular Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Lately, I have renewed my focus on my eating habits. Life gets busy, complicated, and, frankly, exhausting; eating habits are often the first to get pushed to the back burner for me. It’s a bad cycle, because eating poorly certainly doesn’t help with getting out of a stress cycle. If you’re feeling similarly, I wanted to offer a round up of my most popular easy vegetarian recipes from Cats & Coffee. I hope they serve you well!

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Gardein Sliced Italian Sausage: Simple Classic Dinners

I’ve tried a number of meat substitutes since I stopped eating meat, and the Gardein Sliced Italian Sausage is one of my favorites. The sliced sausage is easy to cook and versatile, making it great for meal prepping or last-minute dinners. Read about how I use Gardein Sliced Italian Sausage to create a vegetarian version of a classic Italian dish here!

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Pasta e Ceci: a Traditional Roman Dish with Personal Flair

Pasta e Ceci is a great staple for any meal prep rotation. As much as I love to cook, I really love nice and quick recipes. I came across this recipe some months back and was struck by the simplicity – it’s easily a 30 minute meal that is sure to please. Whether you make it for yourself or as a recipe for two, Pasta e Ceci is a crowd pleaser and easy to modify to suit your tastes and cravings. Get the recipe and tips here!

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My Simple Sweet & Russet Roasted Potatoes Recipe

There are many recipes for roasted potatoes out there, but I always go back to my personal roasted potatoes recipe. Featuring both sweet potatoes and russet, I like how simple and easy this recipe is, while also being super satisfying. Ripe for personalization, this side dish is perfect as a seasonal side, a potluck contribution, or simple meal prep for yourself. Get the recipe here!

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Quinoa Health Benefits & How to Use Quinoa in a Plant Based Diet

One of the world’s most popular health foods, quinoa has become a staple in many people’s pantries. Besides the proven quinoa health benefits, the grain is a super versatile plant-based food. So, if you’re looking to incorporate more plants into your diet, this is a great place to start. Learn more about the variety of quinoa health benefits and how to use it in your cooking here!

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